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Road transport becomes cheaper and easier with Shiplink. Quickly calculate your price for road freight with our price calculator!

We do not think it should be difficult to send packages by road transport - regardless of destination. When you use Shiplink's freight service for your road freight, we always find the best transport solution at a good price.

  • Cheap road transport to Sweden and abroad
  • Fast deliveries at a fixed price
  • Safe road freight for business packages
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Price examples for road transportation

5 kg within Sweden
fr. 109 kr
10 kg to Denmark
fr. 163 kr
15 kg to Romania
fr. 410 kr
20 kg to Finland
fr. 270 kr
25 kg to Czech Republic
fr. 560 kr
30 kg to Netherlands
fr. 410 kr
parcel To Denmark fr. 162 kr
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Send by road transport easily and cheaply

Get a price for road freight

Calculate the price of road transport in our price calculator. You can enter a destination in Sweden or send to and from abroad.

Follow your shipment

Keep track of all shipments by road freight with easy tracking on Shiplink's website.

Easier road transportation with an account

Sign in to your company account at Shiplink to get a full overview of all the company transports.

How to send by road transport

Getting started with road transport using Shiplink is easy. You not only get the best prices on the market but also the simplest shipping option. Start by booking road freight by using our price calculator. Enter the type of shipment, postal code and whether the recipient is a company or a private individual. Make a volume calculation by entering the dimensions of the shipment and entering the weight. Shiplink finds the best companies for road transport at a fixed price.

Print shipping document

When you book road freight, you enter an e-mail address to which we send your freight documents. These consist of a shipping label (transport label) and a shipping list. You print the shipping documents and attach the transport label to the shipment. If there is not enough space on the package, you can fold the label, but the barcode and address information must be visible. The carrier must sign the consignment list upon collection. You can track the shipment at any time via Shiplink's website.

Notification and delivery notice

It is possible to book delivery by road transport to both companies and private individuals. For private individuals, notification is always included in the price. The freight forwarder then contacts the recipient and states the time and date for delivery. When ordering road transport with a company as a recipient, you can add notification as an option. Select delivery note if you want the carrier to call the recipient around 30 minutes before arrival.

Easier booking with a company account

Whether you use road transport or other shipping methods often, it becomes even easier to have a company account. It is free to open an account with Shiplink. When you log in, you get a nice overview of all road freight that your company has. See which packages and pallets have been sent and all your invoices. With a few clicks, you book the next road transport. It's easy and can save a lot of time that you can use for more important things.

Satisfied customers

We at Shiplink are proud of all our satisfied customers. Many of them appreciate that it is so easy to book and that the conditions are always clear. Getting a fixed price for road transport feels safe. Our professional customer service contributes to the perfect customer experience. We also climate compensate all our road freight - in Sweden and abroad!

Easy and cheap road transport with Shiplink

Use Shiplink to send road freight within Sweden and abroad cheaply. Easy booking, fixed price and smart handling of all road transport.