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Track your shipment, fill in your booking number or shipment number and track shipment. If you have any questions, contact Shiplink customer service and we will help you!

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Frequently asked questions

How often is my shipping updated?

Your shipping is updated every time it is reloaded or sorted. This way you can follow it all the way to the receiver.

Which carrier is handling my freight?

When tracking your freight, you can easily see which carrier is shipping your freight.

Is estimated delivery day guaranteed?

No, an estimated delivery date is estimated and cannot be guaranteed. This is due to external circumstances such as traffic and weather conditions.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

All freight booked with Shiplink is handled and monitored by Shiplink's own customer service. Easier and smoother for you as a sender and receiver.

Haven't found an answer?

Visit our FAQ section to find more answers or contact our Customer Service!

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Track your Freight

Track your parcel, track your pallet and freight. All freights with Shiplink is always traceable. From pick-up until the delivery is completed. During your freight, your freight is continuously tracked and scanned in order to be tracked along the way. That way, as a shipper and recipient of the freight, you can track your freight all the way from pickup to delivery. If you have any questions about your shipments, you are welcome to contact our customer service team. Shiplink is the simple overall solution for your company shipping.

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