Enhance your company with a freight department!

Use Shiplink for your shipments and get access to your very own freight department that handles all your freight duties. You save both time and money, which you can focus on other important things. We make sure that all your shipments arrive in good condition and on time.

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4,9 out of 5
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Climate compensated freight

Import from your system into Shiplink for easier booking

Import from your system into Shiplink for easier booking

With the Shipping Department, you can connect WooCommerce, Shopify, Fortnox or Visma e-conomic with your business account in a flash. Increase customer satisfaction by avoiding mistakes. Move order data faster and more securely.

What about other systems then? Yes, it is also possible to connect!

What about other systems then? Yes, it is also possible to connect!

There is a reliable and knowledgeable partner in system integration who will help you optimize and secure the shipping bookings regardless of which system you use.

Freight booking at its finest!

6 good things to know about shipping and Shiplink

Shipping something should be simple, but it can be complicated to understand all the rules, laws and decisions that apply when you, as a business owner, ship goods within Sweden or to the rest of the world. We make it easy right from the start and give you tips and advice that are helpful during the shipping process.

  • Packaging your goods is very important

  • Not everything is allowed to send

  • The best carriers in the country

  • Additional costs for the freight

  • Pick up and delivery

  • We handle all contact with the carrier

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to send a package?

It depends on weight, volume and destination. You can understand price calculation around the clock to get a fixed price. Just be sure to measure and weigh after you pack.

Can I ship worldwide?

Yes, we offer to all locations where the carriers have coverage. Which in turn is large parts of the world.

Do I have to create an account and a freight department to send freight?

No, you can send directly and pay by card. But we recommend the account if you have a recurring need to ship.

I am a private person, can I use Shiplink?

No, you must have a registered Swedish company to be able to send freight with Shiplink. If you send as a private person anyway, the shipping insurance does not apply.

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