With Shiplink you can send package cheap!

Send smaller parcels of 5 kg with us today! Shiplink help you with your shipment and your delivery both within Sweden and abroad!

Shiplink make it easier to send goods and parcels. With our calculator you do your price calculation and you get a total price free of hidden fees. Send packages cheaply with us today. Booking freight and shipping goods has never been easier.

  • Sending freights of 5kg has never been easier.
  • Calculate your total price fast.
  • Easier to handle packages.
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Sending packages cheaply has never been so easy.

4,9 out of 5
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    Frequently asked questions

    What will be the cost of a parcel of 5 kg?

    With Shiplink you calculate the cost yourself, free of hidden fees. The distance your shipping should travel is what determines the cost.

    How do I package my parcel best?

    When packing smaller packages of 5 kg it is good if the package is not too large. Pack tightly so that the contents cannot move too much.

    What delivery time can I expect?

    The delivery time is primarily determined by the distance your shipment is to be transported. When you book shipping with us, we always find the carrier that does the job fastest and at the best price.

    Which carrier will handle my freight?

    We at Shiplink work with the best transporters in the market. When you book a freight with us, we find the carrier that does the job best in terms of delivery time and price.

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    Send packages cheaply with Shiplink today!

    We make it easier to transport goods of 5 kg. Calculate your price yourself and send packages cheaply with us.