Send your 3 kg packages with Shiplink

Send courier freight and cheap packages of 3 kg within Sweden or abroad with us. You easily calculate your own price with the focus on cheapest shipping.

We simplify shipping of your packages. Our service offers parcel delivery from ax to limpa. You calculate the price yourself and we provide you with the best suitable carrier for your package.

  • Sending bids of 3 kg, easier and cheaper than ever.
  • Calculate the price lightning fast and without hidden fees.
  • Save time and money on your package deliveries.
Calculate Price

Calculate your freight price


Calculate the price of several packages in the same shipment in the next step.


Price example of 3 kg packages

Parcel 3 kg to Finland
fr. 196 kr
Parcel 3 kg to Denmark
fr. 117 kr
Parcel 3 kg to Germany
fr. 227 kr
Parcel 3 kg to USA
fr. 786 kr
Parcel 3 kg within Sweden
fr. 87 kr
Parcel 3 kg to Pick-up Location
fr. 75 kr
parcel To Denmark fr. 162 kr
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Sending courier parcels has never been easier

Calculate your price directly

With fixed price and fast calculation you can be sure of a delivery that has both good price and fast delivery time.

Easier tracking of your packages

The information about your broadcast is constantly updated. You will always have clear information easily accessible.

Revolutionary features

Our system is created to simplify your package freight. Faster, easier and clearer when sending packages.

Send packages cheaper

Parcel to Company

Fixed Price

Parcel to Delivery Point

Fixed Price
  • Pick-up.
  • Delivery to company.
  • Notification.
  • Basic Coverage.

With your company's best in mind, we created a service to make it easier and cheaper for you to send bids and packages.

Sending packages often gets messy. Therefore, we produced a service but focus on simplicity and clarity. You calculate the price yourself, with no hidden fees and we make sure that the best-suited carrier takes care of your shipments. Whether you are sending a package of 3 kg or 30 kg, we ensure that the delivery arrives quickly and safely at a good price. Both domestic and foreign.

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Simpler everyday life with company account

When your company sends bids and packages with us, we always set up a company account for you. This is to give you a better overview of your shipping. The entire process is easily monitored through your company account. From pricing, to shipping our selected carriers and finally delivering your package,

Your company account is, of course, free of charge and free from binding times and the like. Just like when you calculate the price of your freight there are no hidden fees. Whether it is small packages of 3 kg or larger consignments, you can expect the process to be the same every time.

Frequently asked questions

Vad kostar det att skicka paket på 3 kg?

What determines the cost of your shipping is size and distance. The price thus varies depending on how far you will send the shipment. Calculate your price directly.

What should I consider when packing my package?

Starting from the content and packing the delivery so that it can not move in its package. If the content is fragile then it is good to make sure it is well packaged.

What is the delivery time for smaller courier deliveries?

The delivery time can vary as a result of how far your package will be sent. Generally, you can expect a few days for deliveries within Sweden.

Which carrier do you recommend for smaller packages?

Shiplink selects the carrier that is best suited to handle your freight based on the circumstances of your delivery.

Haven't found an answer?

Visit our FAQ section to find more answers or contact our Customer Service!

Tel. 010-20 706 66

Easiest way to send packages for your business

Send packages of 3 kg in the simplest way with Shiplink. Send packages to companies and individuals cheaply and easily, get started in no time!