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Send 2 kg package with Shiplink for cheapest shipping and easy handling!

We make sure your freight, bids and packages arrive at the right address at the right price so you can focus on what is important to you. Therefore, we have created a service where you can easily calculate the cost of your parcel shipping. We make sure you get the best carrier at the best price.

  • Easily send 2 kg packages.
  • You get a fixed price for sending bids.
  • Price and delivery time are calculated directly.
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    Frequently asked questions

    How much does it cost to send a package of 2 kg?

    With our price calculator you quickly find out what the cost will be. What influences the price is between which places the parcel shipment will take place.

    How do I pack a 2 kg package in the best way?

    How you pack depends on the content. If the content is fragile it needs to be protected more than if it is slightly less fragile. Make sure that the contents are still and well enclosed in the package.

    What is the delivery time for a package of 2 kg?

    What affects the delivery time is the distance the package should be sent. With Shiplink, however, you can be sure that the package will find you home within a few days.

    Which carrier is best suited to send my package?

    We select the best suitable carrier for you, focusing on the best price and delivery time.

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