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With Shiplink, you can easily book pallet shipping, whether it's within Sweden, within Europe, or to other parts of the world. You'll receive a quick and clear price without any hidden fees.

Shiplink acts as your shipping partner, streamlining the booking process for pallet shipments. Here, you have access to a convenient and comprehensive platform for booking shipments, tracking deliveries, and seeking advice. Say goodbye to cumbersome and costly systems.

  • Fixed prices apply, no hidden fees
  • The right shipping company for your unique shipment
  • Available, proactive, and helpful customer service
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Calculate the price for pallet shipping

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Things to consider when booking shipping

You're on the right track to a successful pallet shipment. No matter what or where you're sending, it doesn't have to be difficult, especially when you have Shiplink as your partner. Here, we've compiled some essential tips you should be aware of before sending your package.

  • Packaging is the key to a successful delivery

  • Preparations for pallet shipping

  • Customs invoice or not?

  • An EORI number is necessary

  • Box addresses do not work as delivery addresses

  • Prohibited and permitted goods

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to ship pallets?

Your price on a pallet freight is calculated based on postal code from and to. Also weight and dimensions of your pallet. Calculate price quickly and easily with Shiplink.

How long is the delivery time for a pallet shipment?

Sending pallets within the Nordic region can be delivered in approx. 1-4 days. Pallet freight in Europe between 1-8 days depending on country. Calculate the price and you will get an estimated delivery date for your pallet freight.

How should I pack a pallet shipment?

A pallet must be sturdy and the weight evenly distributed over the pallet. Anchor the goods on the pallet so it stands firmly. Nothing should stick outside the outer dimensions of the pallet.

Where can I ship pallets?

With Shiplink you send pallets in Sweden, the Nordic countries and Europe just as easily. Even pallets throughout the world. Calculate the price in 30 seconds.

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