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Shiplink helps businesses of all sizes to send pallets, and other consignments, with the leading transporters. Without complicated shipping agreements and hidden costs!
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price example send pallets
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Send Pallets

Send Pallets

Every month, Shiplink helps thousands of businesses to send pallets the easy way.
With Shiplink, it’s always easy to send pallets within Sweden, and the rest of the world. We offer top quality shipments regardless of your needs.

You easily book your freights using our price calculator. Just enter the destination and your pallets dimensions to estimate your price in less than a minute directly. Click below to send pallets in no-time!

Our Responsibility

Send pallets with Shiplink, and contribute to Barncancerfonden & WWF:s important work.

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Start sending pallets the easy way. Click on the links below to estimate your freight price, or to create your own free Shiplink account!