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With Shiplink, booking pallet shipping becomes a smooth process, whether it's within Sweden, within Europe, or to other locations around the world. You receive a quick and clear price without any hidden fees.

Shiplink serves as your reliable partner for shipping bookings, making it easy to manage pallet shipments. Here, a complete and convenient platform is offered for booking shipments, tracking deliveries, and obtaining expert advice when needed. Say goodbye to cumbersome and costly systems.

  • Fixed price, no hidden fees
  • Always the right shipping company for your specific shipment
  • Available, proactive, and knowledgeable customer service
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Calculate the price for pallet shipping

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Important considerations when booking shipping

You're on the right track to ensure a successful pallet shipment. Regardless of what you're sending or where it's going, it doesn't have to be complicated, especially when you have Shiplink as your partner. Here, we've gathered some essential tips for you to keep in mind before sending your shipment.

  • Packing is crucial for a successful delivery.

  • Preparations for international shipping

  • Customs invoice or not?

  • EORI number is necessary

  • PO box addresses do not work as delivery addresses

  • Prohibited and permitted goods

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to send half pallets and eu-pallets?

The shipping price for sending a half pallet and a full pallet depends on how many km you have to send. This will automatically generate our price calculator, you just need to fill out address- and goods details and you will get a fixed price right away.

How long is the delivery time for transporting half pallets and full pallets?

Delivery time in Sweden is between 1-5 working days, to and from Europe and the world between 2-14 working days.

Which carrier should you send a half pallet or full pallet with?

It varies, depending on where your recipient is in the world, the different carriers are different. Shiplink automatically selects the best suited carrier based on price and quality.

How should I pack my half and full pallets?

It is important that the goods on the pallet are stable and are tightly clamped. No one is allowed to stick outside the pallet as it could otherwise be damaged in transport.

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Smooth and cost-effective pallet shipping with Shiplink

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