Express Delivery with Fast Delivery

Send express delivery or express shipping cheaper and easier. Regardless of transport needs, we offer a simple solution for same-day delivery and next-day delivery.

Shipping your express deliveries and bids at your convenience. Get the same day or the next day. Simple express shipping is there when you need it, as well as within Sweden and abroad. Simple and cheap express shipping when your business needs it.

  • Send express delivery domestically and internationally.
  • Express shipping and express courier when you need.
  • Express shipping with delivery the same day or the day after.
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Express delivery prices

Express to Company
fr. 119 kr
Climate express in Stockholm Home delivery
fr. 119 kr
Air Freight to China
fr. 588 kr
Express Export
fr. 352 kr
Air Transport Export
fr. 532 kr
Express Export
fr. 457 kr
parcel To Denmark fr. 162 kr
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Send express freights easier

Calculate cost in no time

Calculate the price easier and cheaper on your express shipping. Simple and clear.

All express freight in one place

Clear overview of all your express freight. Track them and see where they are right now.

Features that simplify

Personalized settings and features that make calculating and booking express shipping faster.

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Express Freight

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Express Courier

Fixed price
  • Pick Up of parcel
  • Express Delivery
  • Fixed Price
  • Basic Coverage

Every month, Shiplink's express deliveries helps thousands of businesses to faster delivery time.

At Shiplink we love fast deliveries and simple solutions. Our express delivery service is just as fast as it is easy to book. Click on the button below to access our price calculator. Just filll in your shipment information and choose the freght service that suits you best!

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Book express deliveries cheap

Here's how to book your express deliveries quickly and at the right price. Whether your company is in need of an express delivery with same day delivery or delivery, Shiplink has the solution. Most express shipping can be booked directly through our price calculator. If you have other needs or requirements, our agile customer service is there to help you all the way. From pricing, booking and delivery of your express shipping.

Shiplink makes pricing and booking your express shipping easy. Your time as an entrepreneur is valuable. Our customer service is always there to easily and professionally help your company with your express deliveries. Calculate price in no time or contact customer service to get started!

Faster Express Deliveries With Login

Create a free business account and make express delivery easier. Whether your company is in need of local express shipping or within the Nordic region, Europe or the world, we have the solution for you. Simple pricing of express transportation makes it easier for you to focus on your business. Easily track express shipping from pickup to delivery.

A business account makes booking an express freight much easier. You can save addresses, pay with collection invoices and track your express deliveries faster. A company account is completely free of charge. There you can also book other types of freight and easily calculate freight prices. Create a business account today, you're up and running in no time!

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to send express shipping?

An express freight and express courier price is calculated based on where it should be dleivered and will be collected. Also based on weight and dimensions. But also time for pick-up and delivery.

What is the delivery time for an express freight?

In connection with the booking, you choose the delivery time for your express freight or express courier.

How should an express delivery be packaged?

Package your express delivery so it is easy to carry and transport. More packaging the longer the express shipping is to be shipped.

Where can I send an express delivery?

An express shipping can be shipped locally, within Sweden but also worldwide. Everything according to your need at delivery time.

Haven't found an answer?

Visit our FAQ section to find more answers or contact our Customer Service!

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Sending express shipping easier and cheaper

Calculate your price on the next express freight easily and at good prices. Create a free business account or book directly.