Courier delivery within 5h

We have expanded the express courier service throughout Greater Stockholm and to Västerås & Enköping. Pick up and delivery within 5 hours with delivery to both companies and individuals.

Climate smart courier freight

Shiplink Miljöbud is possible through a collaborating with the carrier Miljöbud and Shiplink. The company Miljöbud is the only carrier whose courier car transports are marked with Naturskyddsföreningen´s own eco-label, "Bra Miljöval".
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Frequently asked questions

When is the courier collected?

Pick-up and delivery take place during the day 08:00 - 17:00. If you have requests for times, you can contact customer service.

Will the recipient be contacted at delivery?

In connection with the delivery, the recipient will be contacted by telephone to be able to meet the recipient.

How do I book the courier freight?

You book as usual in our price calculator at Shiplink. If you would like help, please contact our customer service.

Why is the freight service called environmental bidding?

We call this shipping service climate smart as the carriers services are marked with Naturskyddsföreningen´s own environmental label, "Bra Miljöval".

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Book courier freight easily

Shiplink makes it easy for you as a company to book your courier freight. Compared to booking with a courier company, it becomes easier and cheaper for your company to book with Shiplink. The process of calculating price and booking is simpler. This makes it clear to you as a company to book your next courier freight. If you need help booking your next courier, you are welcome to contact our freight customer service.

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