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Solve your company's shipping needs with Shiplink! We offer cheap and easy shipping for all your freights, using the leading transporters. We offer you freight services for parcel and pallets.

  • Complete solution for your freights
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  • All-in-one solution for freight

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We have the easiest price calculator for freights on the market, without any hidden costs. Just type in your goods dimensions and destination to see your freight rates in less than 20 seconds. That's what we like to call easy shipping!


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Small Company

  • All-in-one solution for freight
  • Without agreement & hassle
  • Free business account
  • All in one place
  • Cheapest shipping

Shiplink offers your company a simple total solution for all the company's freight. Completely hassle free and easy overview of all freight. Always the cheapest shipping with the best shipping company no matter what you are shipping.

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Midsize Company

  • Complete solution for your freight
  • Always the cheapest shipping
  • Features that simplify
  • Collective Invoice
  • All-in-one solution for shipping

Shiplink solves your entire shipping needs at once. The all-in-one solution allows your business to ship freely, domestically and internationally. With our handy features you make shipping easier.

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  • For all types of freight
  • Complete solution for freight
  • Easy freight booking
  • Up to 70% lower shipping price
  • All the major shipping companies

Use Shiplink when your business needs to ship freight. We make it easy and cheap for your company when you need to book freight, domestic and international. Book easily without an account, see shipping price directly.

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All freights in one place

Simple overview of the company's freight with Shiplink's free company account. Easily calculate cheap freight with our simple freight price calculation. A powerful booking system that everyone can understand. Use features for faster booking and pricing of your freight. Shiplink believes in clear information, it helps you as a customer understand and feel safe all the way. From picking up your freight to completed delivery.

It is no longer difficult to calculate the price of your freight. Just as easy to book and follow up where your cargo is. It creates security, understanding and customer satisfaction. From pricing to delivery of your freight. Create a free business account and book the cheapest shipping with the best shipping company.

A modern freight service

Shiplink is the positive link between you and the shipping companies. We employ the very leading freight company in the market and offer you a complete solution for freight, on your terms. The best shipping company is automatically selected based on your shipping needs. That way you can always feel safe when shipping with Shiplink. All shipping companies are good at different types of freight needs, based on the freight needs of more than 6000 companies in Sweden we can always offer you the cheapest freight with the best suited freight company, at all times.

Our shipping services


We offer cheap and easy shipping for all your parcel freights. Your parcels are picked up at your adress, and can be delivered to business addresses, home addresses and delivery points.


We offer easy shipping for all of your pallet shipments within Sweden, and the rest of the world. Send full and half pallets the easy way!

Air Freight

Do you import or export goods? With Shiplink, you can easily ship all types of goods from all over the world by using our fast and affordable air freight services.

Express Delivery

Do you have goods to send with urgent delivery time? Shiplink's express service makes shipping easy, and you never have to worry about your goods not arriving on time!

Frequently asked questions

Why do you hire several shipping companies?

We employ several freight companies because their quality and prices vary depending on the type of freight. That way you always get the cheapest shipping with the best shipping company.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my freight?

You always contact Shiplink's own customer service. Via email, phone or chat. We are always there for you, regardless of questions. An uncomplicated and appreciated customer service.

How much does it cost to use Shiplink?

You pay nothing to use Shiplink, even your company account is free of charge. You only pay for the freight you book and when you need to ship. Simple and secure for your business.

Why is Shiplink easier & cheaper?

Shiplink continuously negotiates terms and freight with the shipping companies we hire. At the same time, we evaluate the quality of our shipping companies so that you always get the best shipping company at all time.

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Visit our FAQ section to find more answers or contact our Customer Service!

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